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In our ongoing effort to customize as much as possible the Carmencita experience and get your scans as close as humanly possible to your desired look we came up with a whole new platform with unlimited possibilities.

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From now on you’ll receive a link with each order you send us that’ll take you to a personal site where you can upload reference images for that particular order. Along with the possibility to upload reference images for each order you’ll have a space to write what it is exactly that you love in each particular photo or lighting situation.

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From this point onwards you can get out of our new “Looks” system as much as you want. If you’ve got a very consistent look and your shooting light situations and film stock don’t vary much you could upload one set of images and comments and then indicate for next orders that we should follow the previous directions. On the other hand you can get as picky and creative as you will. For example if you shot on a very cloudy day you could send us film images that are shot in cloudy days that you think reflect your contrast/color/brightness preferences. You get it the picture, right?

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The interface is meant to me as simple as possible, adding images, comments and sending them it’s all in one panel. You can add as many images as you want and many paragraphs too, but you if you ask us, 10 is usually the perfect number for images of reference.

Questions? Check the upper right corner and find out more with our +INFO button 😉

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Once all your images are uploaded you will be able to review them and write comments accordingly on the left columne. We will get mostly the inspiration from the overall look, paying special attention to skin tones, shadows and contra, although it’s always helpful that have an text input to complement it and try to get in your shoes as much as possible when we are working on your scans 😉

Excited? We are! It’s been about 2 years that we had been working with specific looks using email as a primary tool but we feel now it was time to take a step forward and make it even easier. We can wait to start getting more feedback from photographers in order to be able to deliver even better images!

Still got questions? Email us!


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