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[bra_divider height=’20’] In our ongoing effort to customize as much as possible the Carmencita experience and get your scans as close as humanly possible to your desired look we came up with a whole new platform with unlimited possibilities. [bra_center_title title=” subtitle=’What exactly are we talking about?’ top_margin=”] From now on you’ll receive a link […]

How To Pack Your Film

As you can imagine we get quite a bit of mail coming through our doors (in fact we may or may not be best friends with our local postman). And during the five years that Carmencita Film Lab has had its doors open we have seen a lot of wrong ways to mail film to […]


Hi there, [bra_divider height=’15’] We’re at full capacity here but our monthly selection of client work is a much needed brake for inspiration. This month you guys seem to be particularly inspired so congrats! [bra_divider height=’15’] Oh, and if you wanna win one of the 2 FREE SPOTS to hang out and learn from Jonathan […]

Traveling Light 2017 · 2 spots giveaway!

  You’ve probably heard about Traveling Light, the film photography gathering that is being held in the surroundings of northern Barcelona, at the heart of Costa Brava. We feel really close to the project in many ways as we have always wanted to connect photographers and make film photography go further. That’s why we created the Carmencita […]

An Introduction to the Portra family

We love a good party and when we found out that the Portra line is about to celebrate its twentieth birthday next year (introduced in 1998!), we thought we would take the time to cover some ground (and after, perhaps raise a glass) when it comes to Kodak’s Portra line. Kodak Portra has put out […]


It is not a secret which is our favourite season of the year. We love light and summer is when we get the most of it. But what could be even better than summer? For us, the feeling of knowing it’s coming, when you notice that late spring is gone and summer is here to […]


So here it is again, our monthly selection from the amazing client work we received last month. [bra_divider height=’15’] The latest Carmencita Meets Valencia just took place a couple weeks ago and it was a blast. Hope you loved and thanks to everyone that came here and made it possible. [bra_divider height=’15’] April has been […]